Carnival in Rio
Karneval in Rio - Carnaval no Rio - Carnevale in Rio

Carnival in Rio (in Portuguese: Carnaval ) is an annual festival and is held four days before Ash Wednesday.
It marks the beginning of Lent.
Carnival in Rio
is a 4 days celebration, which takes place every year on different days.
It starts on Saturday and ends on Tuesday.
The following Wednesday is the " day after ".
What means: " the fifth " day of Carnival.
Carnival Sunday is 7 weeks before Easter Sunday.

The dates:

    Sat Sun Mon Tue wed thu fri sat sun
2017 February 25 26 27 28          

But, ... ( almost ) nobody works for the rest of the week.
What means: Carnival in Rio continues ( normally !!! ) until the following Sunday !

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